Current Programs

  • Creek Awareness Program

    Did you know there are 6 main watersheds in Sandy Springs? Many people who live in this lovely city do not know this. There is a great way for everyone to learn more about the names and locations of our creeks. Our partnership with Leadership of Sandy Springs has helped

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  • Creek Photo Inventory

    A Creek Photo Inventory, has the objective of assisting the City and homeowners in identifying areas where stormwater run-off has damaged the creek bank or tree roots, locate broken sewage pipes, locate private drain pipes, identify and locate downed trees for removal and fix locations of point-source pollution. Benefits: Comprehensive

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  • Creek Walks

    WASS plans 2-3 creek walks a year. It is a way for the team and any volunteers to see our creeks first hand. You can see the condition of the tree roots, any dams made from trash or leaves, as well as the level of the water. Volunteers walk the

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