What is a Watershed?

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To find your watershed on this interactive map, just go to and type in your address.

Easy, if you are standing on ground right now, just look down. You’re standing, and everyone is standing, in a watershed.

A watershed is the area of land where all of the water that is under it or drains off of it goes into the same place.

John Wesley Powell, scientist, geographer, put it best when he said that a watershed is:
“that area of land, a bounded hydrologic system, within which all living things are inextricably linked by their common water course and where, as humans settled, simple logic demanded that they become part of a community.”

All areas of Sandy Springs are part of a watershed.

For more information click the button below to visit the EPA site:  Click Here for EPA Watershed facts


We all live in a watershed. Watersheds are the places we call home, where we work and where we play. Everyone relies on water and other natural resources to exist. What you and others do on the land impacts the quality and quantity of water and our other natural resources.

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