A Visit to Horizons Summer Program @ Holy Innocents

As you are probably well aware, the Horizons school summer program has an outstanding reputation for helping an at risk population of children with academic achievement. There are 8 locations of Horizons schools programs in the Atlanta area. Today, I was lucky enough to get a tour of this program at the Holy Innocents location.

Christine Brodnan is the director of this program at Holy Innocents. She gave me and other interested Sandy Springs community members an overview of the program as well as a tour of all the K-8 grade classes. We were all able to see how they successfully integrated a Project Based Learning (PBL) approach to their program.

It is very exciting to see the kids immersed in their class projects. It is also quite refreshing to see a combination of experienced teachers with college and high school volunteers working together to create a collaborative class experience. It is clear that the approach is working very well.

This summer, Watershed Alliance of Sandy Springs is happy to be part of one of the weekly field trips the kids take as a compliment to their studies. A creek clean-up and macro-organism talk at Big Trees is planned for the July 8th trip. We are pleased that Patti Larrimore (Riverwood high school science teacher) will be leading the walk.

We look forward to being a part of enrichment for these kids and this program.

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