Discovering the Jewel that is Dunwoody Nature Center

Today, a few Board members of WASS visited the Dunwoody Nature Center. The Director of Operations, Susan Mitchell and Program Manager, Jackie Sherry gave us a wonderful tour of the lovely 22 acre grounds. The center has many resources that serve all ages. We were able to see the summer camp program in full swing as children enjoyed themselves with their counselors.

Susan and Jackie also showed us the butterfly garden where milkweed and many other plants attract the butterflies. butterfly gardenThey have other sites of butterfly gardens as well. Many school classes are also planting milkweed in class projects for school gardens.

This is a great way to enhance a valuable resource and teach children how plants can help animals. Maybe someday, these children will have these gardens in their back yard.

It was encouraging to hear of the Dunwoody Nature Center’s plan to restore the creek  that runs through the property. CreekDNCThis creek feeds Nancy Creek. The creek has been “loved” and root systems are exposed. They have a plan to create an entrance in another location and revitalize the buffer zone. It is a great way to invest in the park.

It is beautiful now so imagine how lovely it will be when they complete this project!

It is wonderful to find Jewel so close to us. partnersWe look forward to finding opportunities to partner with each other to make a larger impact in our communities. Our missions are well aligned, so we believe there will be many ways to collaborate.

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