Fulton Co. Public Works teams with WASS

Sharon Smith

We are excited by two recent visits to Riverwood High School (Jan 26th) and Mt Vernon Presbyterian (Jan 27th). Watershed Alliance of Sandy Springs teamed up with Fulton County Public Works and visited these two schools to educate kids about water quality.

Sharon Smith, the environmental quality and education manager represented Fulton County by demonstrating and having students learn to test the quality of water. She showed them how to find pH, measure conductivity, and dissolved oxygen. She also explained the importance of good quality water and how the public works is a part of keeping our water at good quality levels.

The Watershed Alliance of Sandy Springs enjoys teaming up with Sharon by bringing our Enviroscape model as a complement to her instruction. The model shows students what a Watershed is and how pollutants effect our creeks and rivers. You can see a short video clip here of Patti Lawrimore teaching her students with the model.

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