VBSS Creek Clean Up 2017

Clean Up Crew VBSS 2017

When a large group of volunteers get together and work as a team, so many wonderful things happen. Marsh Creek started this morning with a very large trash dam and ended with a clear way for water to pass naturally. This successful mission was due to great teamwork and a love of our natural resources. Just to give you a sense of what our volunteer team did today, see the image below of our before and after.

Before and After Trash Dam - Marsh Creek

We really appreciate all of the people who signed up to help us. They came ready to get after the trash with a vengeance. It was truly awesome. We filled over 12 contractor bags of trash!

The Watershed Alliance team benefitted in so many ways. We got to meet new people who share the desire to preserve our creeks. We also enjoyed a beautiful sunny day outside with the best view around. Most importantly, we were able to answer questions and share information with smart and passionate people. What is not to love about that?

If you want to join us next time, contact us and we can let you know when our Fall clean up with be. It is usually in early October so stay tuned. Check out our photo collection from today.

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