Our Video Tutorial Contest Winners

Video Contest Winners

We had our first Video Tutorial Contest this year and it was very exciting. The inspiration behind this contest stemmed from our work in the Sandy Springs schools. The desire to see the children in our community share what they know about watersheds, clean water, and mitigating pollution fueled the design of this contest. As any teacher will tell you, if you can teach others something, you have to have mastery of the information. So, the idea is if children create videos that teach us something about watersheds and clean water, they must deeply learn it first.

We would like to highlight our 1st and 2nd place winners! Giyon Jackson won the 1st place prize (on right in photo) and Kennedi Jackson won the 2nd place prize (on left in photo). They are both Riverwood seniors in the AP science program. They had support and mentorship from teacher, Patti Larrimore (in photo).

Video Tutorial Contest 1st Place Winner – Giyon Jackson

Video Tutorial Contest 2nd Place Winner – Kennedi Jackson

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