Partnering with Dunwoody Nature Center and Horizons School

Horizons and Dunwoody Nature Center

There are so many great organizations in our area doing things that make a significant impact on our community. So, when many of these organizations partner together, it is even more powerful!

Today, the Watershed Alliance of Sandy Springs, Dunwoody Nature Center, and the Horizons School worked together to create a really interesting field trip for the 3rd graders at Horizons School. The Dunwoody Nature Center hosted this field trip and presented their “Water Water Everywhere” demonstration. It explained the concept of how much water the planet has and then how much of that water is accessible to drink and use. When the children could see how low a percentage of water is accessible to us, it became clear how important it is to take care of it.

Water BracletsAnother exercise showed the students how water moves around us in different forms and moves location. It became clear that we are using the same set of water over and over again. The instructor asked the children to take a pipe cleaner and add beads to it as they visited stations. The stations represented things like Oceans, Plants, Soil, Glaciers, Lakes, and Animals. All of these are places water moves into and out of. The beads of the bracelet at the end of the exercise represented the journey of the water. It was a real tangible way for them all to understand the concept.

The students finished the visit with a hike around the Nature Center showing them the various sources of water around them. The weather was wonderful and allowed us all to appreciate how lovely the grounds are there.

Watershed Alliance loves collaborating with organizations like Horizons School and Dunwoody Nature Center. It is a rewarding experience to see all the positive experiences being created. We are proud to be a part of it.

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