There are 3 basics ways to get involved with WASS.


Check out the different ways you can volunteer with us and see which one interests you. We would love to work with you. Remember, there are different levels of effort for all areas so you can help in a small or big way – up to you.

– Social media/Website support
– Membership/Fundraising
– Water Quality Monitoring
– Watershed Advocacy Support
– Educational Demo Support

Volunteer Form

You can also review our programs to see if any of them interest you. Let us know.

Become a Member

We welcome new members any time of the year. There are lots of ways to contribute to the team. Be a part of it!

Individual or Family Membership – $30

Corporate or Business Membership -$75

Student Membership – $10


We can enhance our programs with help from you. Any amount you choose is tax deductible. Thank you!


Want to donate while promoting us at the same time? See our t-shirts and notecards for a way to donate and show off your support.