• A Visit to Horizons Summer Program @ Holy Innocents

    As you are probably well aware, the Horizons school summer program has an outstanding reputation for helping an at risk population of children with academic achievement. There are 8 locations of Horizons schools programs in the Atlanta area. Today, I was lucky enough to get a tour of this program

  • Attentive Homeowner Helps WASS Detect Sewage Spill

    A home-owner along Colewood Creek detected a strong odor of sewage wafting from her backyard. While manholes often vent to prevent the buildup of gas in the pipes, permeating the immediate area with the smell of sewage, a stronger stench that lingers around a wider area can indicate a more

  • Water Quality @ Long Island and Marsh Creek – April 30th

    Volunteers Dara Epstein and Beth Faircloth went out to Long Island Creek and Marsh Creek on Saturday (April 30th) to test the creeks for water quality criteria. They measured the levels of nitrates and phosphates in each of the creeks, both of which, in high levels, can affect the ecosystem.

  • Have a septic tank?

    Septic systems depend on a balance of living organisms that digest and treat waste. If your home has a septic system, be sure to keep it maintained and working properly. Poorly functioning septic tanks can cost thousands of dollars to repair and allow water that contains harmful bacteria and high

  • VBSS Creek Walk Success!

    The Volunteer for a Better Sandy Springs (VBSS) Creek Walk was a great success. We had so many volunteers, that we split into two groups and walked two sections of Long Island Creek. We all fill our bags with trash that we always hate to find but always do find.

  • Beth Faircloth receives award at Confluence

    One of our volunteers, Beth Faircloth, receive an award at the Confluence conference this past weekend. Her “Extraordinary Volunteer Effort” was recognized by the community and we are very proud. Beth has been a highly valuable member of the Watershed Alliance of Sandy Springs for along time and it is

  • demo

    Enviroscape Demo with Sandy Springs Mission

    Our founder, Patty Berkovitz, demonstrated the enviroscape model to the Sandy Springs Misson last thursday. It was a delight to see the children so engaged and sharing so many great ideas. The demonstration was filmed so the concept of how this demonstration can be leveraged in our schools and after

  • Legislative Update from the GA Water Coalition

    A very informative update. The video on streams buffers is a must see! Legislative Update from the GA Water Coalition

  • notecards

    Our E-Store is Open

    WASS now has an E-Store! We have beautiful notecard sets and a 2016 Calendar for sale. It is the result of our 1st Annual Photography Contest. All contest winners have their winning photo featured in the calendar and the notecard sets. Go check out our new E-Store. All proceeds go

  • New Website for WASS

    We are proud to announce the release of our newly redesigned website. It has been crafted to reflect what we learned from the input our community, current members, volunteers, partners and sponsors graciously provided us. We also leveraged technologies capable of addressing identified future needs. Immediately you will notice updated