• Sewage pipe rupture – Long Island Creek

    A sewage pipe broke last week and spilled approximately one million gallons of contaminated water into the creek. A temporary by-pass pipe was installed Saturday the 14th of November. It is likely the rupture was caused by creek wall erosion. The soil that used to surround the pipe stabilized it

  • UPDATE Photo Contest

    UPDATE: Now in the last month of our Creek Photo Contest. If you haven’t visited a local stream and snapped a pic, now’s the time! Photos remain property of photographers; those with winning entries will be awarded prizes, and 12 photos will be selected for publication in a 2016 calendar

  • WASS Encourages Balance

    WASS President Sherry Epstein set the tone for the evening at the Sandy Springs Community Forum on June 23, organized by the city in advance of beginning the process of updating the comprehensive plan. Also present were the heads of several local non-profits. Her remarks, reflecting the collaboration of many

  • WASS Coordinates Experience for Kids

    A beautiful connection was made at one of The Civic Roundtable of Sandy Springs monthly meetings. It was there that the Watershed Alliance of Sandy Springs met Horizons, a summer camp that meets at Holy Innocents.  A plan was hatched to get the children of Horizons, all 120 of them

  • Creek Photography Contest

    Watershed Alliance of Sandy Springs (WASS) is inviting the community to enter a photo contest. Photographers with winning entries will be awarded prizes and 12 photos will be selected for publication in a 2016 calendar to be sold at the Sandy Springs Festival in September. Photos must be shot within

  • Creek Photo Inventory

    Creek Photo Inventory The new WASS project, a Creek Photo Inventory, has the objective of assisting the City and homeowners in identifying areas where stormwater run-off has damaged the creek bank or tree roots, locate broken sewage pipes, locate private drain pipes, identify and locate downed trees for removal and

  • WASS Honored

    WASS Honored WASS is honored to be this year’s recipient of Kennesaw State University’s GIS (Geographic Information Science) Engagement Award.  The award signifies the community partnership between an individual or organization and the GIS  program, that results in a mutually beneficial outcome.  Specifically, WASS was nominated and awarded the Engagement

  • New Leadership

    New Leadership The presidential baton has been passed. WASS welcomes Sherry Epstein as our new president and thanks Dick Farmer for his years of dedicated service. Sherry has been secretary for WASS this past year and brought a very creative and enthusiastic vitality to our board. Her tenure as president


    RAINFALL COLLECTION PROJECT NEEDS YOU WASS’ rain collection project provides us with real time data on the rain fall in our watersheds.  With increased citizen participation and consistent reporiting over time we hope to have sufficiet data to analyize the impact to our streams.  WASS’s rain gauges and the particpation

  • Advocating for Environment

    Advocating for Environment At the August 6, 2014 meeting held by the Sandy Springs City Council to inform the public on proposed Natural Resources City Ordinances, Patti Berkovitz, representing WASS, spoke up endorsing the need for increased stringency of the ordinances and their consistent enforcement. Here is the link to