• Wass Hosts Kennesaw College Students

    WASS HOSTS KENNESAW COLLEGE STUDENTS On July 11, 2012, the students of Kennesaw College, as part of their class assignment in collaboration with WASS, reported on their findings regarding the water quality and creek bed status of Long Island Creek and Marsh Creek watersheds.  Their reports were enlightening and

  • Dick Farmer

    WASS Vice President, Dick Farmer, recently spoke before the Sandy Springs Board of Appeals regarding a petition for a variance to the Stream Buffer Protection Ordinance. The petitioner wanted a variance to allow for an addition and a deck on a single-family home within the buffer zone. WASS strives to

  • Sandy Springs watershed group holds eco-expo

    By Noreen Lewis Cochran – Sandy Springs Neighbor paper Sandy Springs households may benefit from a water conservation expo held Monday at the North Fulton Government Annex by the Watershed Alliance of Sandy Springs after its annual meeting, attended by about 25 members and District 6 City Councilwoman Karen Meinzen McEnerny.

  • Sandy Springs board finds projects appealing

    By Noreen Lewis Cochran During a meeting with no opposition raised to any of the three applicants’ projects, the Sandy Springs Board of Appeals voted

  • Patty Berkovitz

    Patty Berkovitz, one of the driving forces of WASS since its inception, was recently interviewed by Adrianne Murchison of THE SANDY SPRINGS PATCH. Patty does a wonderful job of explaining why preserving our watersheds is important to all of us.  See the story:  Patch Directory 

  • WASS Annual Meeting 2012

    MONDAY MAY 14, 2012, 7-9 PM, North Fulton Annex – MAKE YOUR STORMWATER WORK FOR YOU – We have assembled a group of select contractors that represent different solutions to collecting and using storm water from your roof or driveway.  Some solutions to be addressed include: Replanting your creek banks to help

  • Marsh Creek 2011

    Marsh Creek 2011 On Saturday October 1, 2011 we had a very successful annual Creek Cleanup of Marsh Creek in conjunction with Adopt A Stream. Thanks to all those who joined us.  Look for the pictures under WASS Activities. 

  • Donate

    DONATIONS Your tax deductible donations support programs for community education, communications such as our newsletter and this website, outreach efforts, sponsorship of events like our annual Creekwalk and much, much more. Just think – your $250 donation would pay to make 500 households aware of pressing watershed issues, or a

  • How Can I Help?

    BE INVOLVED? There are many ways to be involved and to protect our precious Watersheds.  First and foremost is to join WASS or make a donation to underwrite our expenses e.g. chemicals for testing the streams’ health and viability. There are individual, family and corporate memberships available.  To join, click the

  • Water Facts

    Less than 1% of the world’s fresh water (or about 0.007% of all water on earth) is readily accessible for direct human use. *1 The average American individual uses 100 to 176 gallons of water at home each day. *2,*3 One inch of rain falling on one acre of pervious soil is