Our Mission

The Watershed Alliance of Sandy Springs, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining the ecological balance of the watersheds of Sandy Springs, GA.

Our goal is to foster the preservation, character and integrity of the watersheds. We strive to achieve our goal with 3 types of objectives.

Education & Awareness

  • Increase awareness of watershed issues
  • Increase our membership through community service
  • Engage in the school environment with new programs

Preservation & Advocacy

  • Encourage best land management practices
  • Promote responsible development and land use
  • Advocate for our neighborhoods and local environment
  • Interact with county, state and federal entities to effect change

  • Monitoring & Sharing Data

    • Monitor the health and safety of the stream by conducting periodic creek walks
    • Water sampling and testing
    • Share data back to the community

    • Our Leadership

      Sherry Epstein

      Sherry joined the WASS in 2013. As the current President, she hopes to build on the legacy of the great accomplishments thus far and build bridges of respect and collaboration that will aid in sustainable health of the watershed.

      Patty Berkovitz

      A third generation Atlantan who grew up in Sandy Springs, Patty learned about the environment through her late husband, Barry Berkovitz and found her voice and passion for protecting the Streams that are the life blood of Sandy Springs. The streams are the indicator of the health of our city.

      Susan Joseph

      Susan is a lifelong believer in good environmental stewardship. Her love of trees and pristine waterways was nurtured by her many summers spent canoeing in the North Woods of Wisconsin and Minnesota. This commitment has found a home with WASS where she has been a board member since 2006.

      Howard Austin

      Howard is a retired physician with ties to other non-profits including Leadership Sandy Springs and the Riverwood Foundation locally and The Friends of Lake Glenville in Western North Carolina. A WASS Board member since Fall 2014, he is also the WASS representative to the Sandy Springs Civic Roundtable.

      Cynthia Morneweck

      Cynthia is a wife, mother, and business woman with a keen interest in education, healthcare, and community outreach. She has been a volunteer supporting WASS initiatives for 2 years. She recently designed and rebuilt the WASS web presence and supports the organization with digital strategy.

      Alan Clark

      Alan Clark

      Alan has been involved in lake management for over fifteen years and has had a lifelong interest in wildlife photography and nature. He spent much of his youth working on farms in England and the Welsh mountains and learned, among other skills, how to create traditional English hedgerows and build

      Volunteers 2015-2016

      • Dara Epstein
      • Lindsay Sewell
      • Brigham Sewell
      • Ed Steele
      • Tom O’Meara
      • Beth Faircloth
      • Alisa Munson
      • Robin Conklin
      • Alan Toney
      • Alan Clark
      • Libba Pickren
      • Phil Britt
      • Erin Valek
      • Lane Nottingham
      • Cheryl Lietz
      • Shane Edwards/list_item]
      • Betty Carter
      • Celia Gilner
      • Libba Pickren
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      Sponsors & Partners


      Sandy Springs Society

      Provided generous grants for program development. Their website shows all the ways they support the city of Sandy Springs.


      Leadership Sandy Springs

      Provided collaborative support for program development. Their website shows all the ways they support leadership initiatives for Sandy Springs.


      Alyssum Garden Club

      Provided generous grants for program development.